Soal Latihan Adjective

We visited the museum, where we saw _______ artifacts
I received _______ awards at the ceremony today
Please get me a bag of _______ apples
The president sat in a _______ chair
_______ weather is the norm in San Francisco
_______ books I bought were very expensive.
Jenny is very _______
Jenny is getting _______ today
All students feel _______ in my class
It is a _______ thing to seek an advice from our mentor
Bentuklah kata sifat dari noun berikut:

- water
- ice
- syrup

Bentuklah Adjective dari verbs dibawah ini:

- walk
- amaze
- decay

Pilihlah kalimat yang mengandung denominal adjective pada setiap bagian!

A. People in New York are usually busy.
B. New York residents are often busy.

A. We had fun listening to classic French music.
B. Music by the French is fun to listen to.

A. He speaks Russian.
B. He speaks the Russian language.

Pilihlah superlative adjective untuk setiap grup kalimat dibawah ini!

A. I like dark coffee.
B. This is the fastest car I’ve ever driven.
C. I’d like darker curtains.

A. This is good ice cream.
B. Meet Sue, my younger sister.
C. Of all the options available, this seems to be the best one.

A. This is a better play than the last one.
B. The box was blue, and oddly shaped.
C. This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced!

Pilihlah absolute adjective pada setiap grup kalimat dibawah ini!

A. We live in a blue house.
B. The grass is greener on the other side.
C. This is the shortest my hair has ever been.

A. That’s a short dress.
B. Why don’t you choose a longer style?
C. Just because it’s the shortest dress doesn’t mean it’s the most stylish.

A. Our house is bigger than our grandmother’s is.
B. They live in the biggest house I’ve ever seen.
C. That’s a big house!

Pilihlah adjective untuk setiap grup kalimat dibawah ini!

A. interest, interesting, party
B. amount, colorful, medicine
C. fur, hilarious, cup

Isilah bagian setiap bagian kosong dibawah ini dengan compound adjective yang pas dengan situasinya!

A. With ______________ temperatures, this is the coldest winter on record.
- below zero
- below-zero
- freezing

B. Jeremy gave Linda a _____________________ engagement ring.
- gorgeous diamond
- gorgeous-diamond
- big

C. We’re celebrating with a __________________ bottle of champagne.
- costly
- ten-year-old
- 10 year old

Choose the comparative adjective in each group of sentences:

A. This list is longer than the last one.
B. This is probably the longest one I’ve ever seen.
C. This is a long list.

A. Stop acting so weird.
B. You’re acting weirder than ever.
C. You’re the weirdest person in this class.

A. This is the chocolatiest cake I’ve ever tasted.
B. Have some chocolate cake.
C. Do you think this cake tastes chocolatier than the last one?

Pada setiap kalimat dibawah ini, Pilihlah order of adjectives yang pas pada untuk setiap bagian yang kosong!

A. His grandfather lives in the ________________________ house down the street.
- big old yellow
- yellow old big
- old big yellow

B. The shop offers all kinds of _____________________ objects.
- interesting old antique
- old antique interesting
- old interesting antique

C. We went for a long walk on a __________________________ trail.
- Beautiful new 5-mile
-  New, beautiful 5-mile
- 5-mile new, beautiful

Phrase yang mana yang merupakan denominal adjective?

A. open door
B. fun time
C. Parmesan flavor

Choose the sentence containing the denominal adjective:

A. We practiced for the play.
B. We spent two hours practicing the Shakespearean play.
C. We practiced Shakespeare’s play for two hours.

Some compound adjectives contain hyphens. Which of the following sentences is correct?

A. He’s a decent-judge of character.
B. She submitted a 190-page document supporting her position.
C. We’re adopting a two year old parakeet.

Which sentence uses the correct order of adjectives?

A. We took a ride on a red, new, Italian motorbike.
B. We took a ride on an Italian, new, red motorbike.
C. We took a ride on a new red Italian motorbike.

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