January 11, 2021


Soal Latihan Conjunction

My brother loves animals. He just brought a puppy _______ a kitten home with him.
I’d like to thank you _______ the lovely gift
I want to go for a hike _______ I have to go to work today
They do not smoke, _______ do they play cards
I’m getting good grades _______ I study every day
______ having a lot of money, they never help anyone
Smith _______ Mrs. Smith went to the library
We must avoid high cholesterol _______ be healthy
My sister apologized ______ her bad behavior
______ her brother, she is very diligent
I visit the Grand Canyon _______ I go to Arizona
This is the place ______ we stayed last time we visited
_______ you win first place, you will receive a prize
You won’t pass the test _______ you study
I could not get a seat, _______ I came early
We are leaving Wednesday _______ or not it rains
Pay attention to your work _______ you will not make mistakes
The musicians delivered a rousing performance _______ they had rehearsed often
She’s honest _______ everyone trusts her
Write this down _______ you forget

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