Conjunctive Adverb

Soal Latihan Conjunctive Adverb

Jenny and I wanted to spend time at the beach; _______, the weather is bad so we stayed home.
I do know that I have to give more effort into my work; _______, I won’t get a planned goal.
Jenny is a very diligent; ­­­­­­­­­­­­_______, it won't surprise me that she gets good grades.
John is a millionaire; _______, his mate Jack is always flat broke.
I know that John couldn’t tell the truth about the truth; _______, he lied
Jenny and I really like toffees; _______, people often give us toffees at holidays.
The tree has developed a large crack over the years; _______ it will have to be cut down for safety’s sake.
It would be nice to spend our vacation on the beach in Jamaica: _______, it would be fun to hike the Swiss alps.
Jenny wore her rain boots; _______, her feet stayed dry during the storm
I love the color red; _______, this shade seems a little too bright
You have to be on time; _______, you’ll miss the train
Teresa likes to read; _______, her sister Julia prefers to watch TV
She really wanted to eat ice cream; _______, she had a salad
We were working hard; _______, Jenny and John were lounging by the pool
He is a weak leader; _______, he has plenty of supporters
She has an incredible voice; _______, she will go far in her music career
Jenny wanted to make pie but didn’t have apples; _______, she decided to bake a cake
We had hoped to go to Spain; _______, we ended up in France

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