Coordinating Conjunction

Soal Latihan Coordinating Conjunction

His two favorite sports are football _______ tennis
Would you rather have cheese ______ mayonnaise on your sandwich?
I wanted to go to the beach, _______ Jenny refused
I am allergic to cats, ­­­­_______ I have three of them
I am a vegetarian, ­­­­_______ I don’t eat any meat
John will be late to work, _______ he has a dental appointment
Jennifer does not like to swim, _______ does she enjoy cycling
Jenny wanted to eat another piece of cake, _______ she was on a diet
My car has a radio _______ a CD player
Sharon hates to listen to rap music, _______ will she tolerate heavy metal
Your new question!
Carol wanted to drive to Colorado, _______ Bill insisted that they fly
I’m afraid of heights, _______ I appreciate the view from the top of this building
I have to be on time, _______ my boss will be annoyed if I’m late
Do you like chocolate _______ vanilla ice cream better?
I have to go to work at six, _______ I’m waking up at four
I was on time, _______ everyone else was late
Nadia doesn’t like to drive, _______ she takes the bus everywhere
Our trip to the museum was interesting, _______ there were several new artifacts on display

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