Correlative Conjunction

Soal Latihan Correlative Conjunction

_______ that is the case, _______ I’m not surprised about what’s happening
She is neither polite _______ funny
Have you made a decision about _______ to go to the movies _______ not?
_______ had I put my umbrella away, _______ it started raining
This salad is _______ delicious _______ healthy
I like _______ to sing opera,  _______ to spend my spare time practicing ballroom dances
The test was _______very short _______quite easy
_______ Joe _______ his sisters could understand what their parents were saying when they spoke French
I plan to take my vacation _______ in June _______ in July
_______ I’m feeling happy _______ sad, I try to keep a positive attitude
_______ had I taken my shoes off _______ I found out we had to leave again
_______ only is dark chocolate delicious, _______ it can be healthy
_______ I have salad for dinner, ________ I can have ice cream for dessert
_______ flowers _______ trees grow during warm weather
_______ do we enjoy summer vacation, _______ we  enjoy winter break

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