Degrees of Comparison

Soal Latihan Degrees of Comparison

Pilih kata sifat komparatif di setiap grup kalimat:

A. Her hair is short.
B. Her hair is shorter than it was before.
C. Her hair is the shortest it has ever been.

A. We live nearer the train station than we used to.
B. Park in the lot nearest the train station.
C. I know the train station is somewhere near.

A. My dog might be ugly, but he is nice.
B. That’s the ugliest dog I’ve ever seen!
C. Because he was uglier than the others, my dog won the ugly dog contest.

A. Your presentation was more informative than most.
B. She gave an informative talk on honeybees.
C. That’s the most informative speech I’ve ever heard Professor Brown give!
Manakah dari kalimat berikut yang tidak mengandung kata sifat pembanding?

A. I’d like to have more participation from each of you this time around.
B. If you’d have listened better, you wouldn’t be confused right now.
C. They live in the brick house on the corner.
Pilih kata sifat superlatif di setiap kelompok kalimat:

A. That’s the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted!
B. You’re a lot nicer than your sister.
C. This is delicious cake.

A. This presentation seems longer than usual.
B. Of all the hairstyles in the room, hers is most stylish.
C. I’m often trying to do better than others.

A. Lake Silfra has some of the clearest water on the world.
B. This shop carries nicer things than it used to.
C. My cat has three adorable kittens.

A. Be careful; that’s a fragile vase.
B. You’re more cheerful than you used to be.
C. This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me.
Manakah dari kalimat berikut yang mengandung kata sifat superlatif?

A. I can run further than before.
B. She has the pinkest cheeks I’ve ever seen!
C. Jimmy is a cute baby.
Pilih kata sifat positif degree di setiap grup kalimat:

A. Your face is red.
B. You have the reddest face!
C. If you don’t wear sunscreen, your face will get redder.

A. This is the best book I’ve ever read.
B. I like this book better than the last one I read.
C. That’s a good book.

A. Most chocolate is sweet.
B. Milk chocolate is sweeter than dark chocolate.
C. I’m not sure which chocolate is sweetest.

A. This is a charming house.
B. Our new home is so much more charming than our old one.
C. She’s the most charming person I’ve ever met.
Pilih comparing adjective yang tepat untuk setiap kalimat:

A. My mother is a _____________ woman.
- Smart
- Smarter
- Smartest

B. The surgeon worked ____________ to stabilize the patient.
- Quickly
- Most quickly
- More quickly

C. We ran ______________ than we did last week.
- Fast
- Faster
- Fastest

D. After the party, the house was the _______________ it’s ever been.
- Messy
- Messier
- Messiest
Sebutkan jenis Degrees of comparison dalam setiap kalimat dibawah ini:

A. Jinx is a hairy dog.
B. She has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.
C. He made me madder than I’ve been in a long time.
D. We felt more excited than ever when we heard the news.
Pilih kalimat dengan bentuk Positive Degree dibawah ini:

A. This book is more interesting than that one.
B. The story we heard this week was as interesting as last week’s.
C. This is one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever heard.
Manakah dari kalimat berikut yang mengandung kata sifat Comparative Degree?

A. We’ve had a run of bad luck lately.
B. This is the worst snowstorm we have had in ten years.
C. Your injury is worse than mine.
Manakah dari kalimat berikut yang mengandung Superlative Degree?

A. She is not as mean as her older sister is.
B. This is the least exciting movie I’ve ever seen.
C. Mr. Brown is more boring than Mr. Philips.

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