Denominal Adjective

Soal Latihan Denominal Adjective

Pilih kalimat yang mengandung kata sifat:
A. We worked on our homework all evening.
B. We spent the evening working on our English homework.
C. We felt sad about using the evening to do our homework.
A atau B? Manakah dari kalimat berikut yang mengandung Denominal Adjective?

A. London is noted for its many museums and monuments.
B. London is noted for its art museums and monuments.

A. The Japanese embassy is nearby.
B. The embassy of Japan is nearby.

A. I gave him a wooden walking stick.
B. He needs to use a walking stick.
A, B, atau C? Frasa mana yang mengandung kata sifat denominal?

A. tidal wave
B. screen door
C. 10-month-old baby

A. bunny rabbit
B. junior high
C. wooden boat

A. killer bees
B. weird science
C. oh, fudge!
Pilih Denominal Adjective untuk setiap kalimat:

The sun had a cold, _____________ gleam.
- metallic
- strange
- constant

We walked along at a ________________ pace.
- quick
- leisurely
- fast

He does an _______________ check of his email.
- interest
- hourly
- scanning
Kalimat mana yang mengandung Proper Denominal Adjective?

A. The Japanese are noted for their sushi.
B. The Japanese people are noted for their sushi.

A. He is English, but he married a Russian.
B. He is an Englishman, but he married a Russian woman.

A. New York is home to many nationalities; for example, there are many Puerto Ricans living there.
B. New York is a melting pot of nationalities; for example, there are many Puerto Rican people living there.
Kelompok kata mana yang hanya mengandung Denominal Adjective?

A. orderly, order, port
B. masterly, orderly, cowardly
C. cowardly, orderly, order
Manakah dari kalimat berikut yang tidak mengandung Denominal Adjective?

A. The dining room was comfortably appointed.
B. She rowed across the Atlantic in a wooden dinghy.
C. His grandfather was a carpenter of talent.
Kelompok kata mana yang tidak mengandung Denominal Adjecctive?

A. Armenian, Indian, American
B. museum, clothing, party
C. restaurant, wooden, shindig
Temukan Proper Denominal Adjective di masing-masing kalimat berikut:

A. His favorite dessert is German chocolate cake.
B. She is a long-standing member of the Democratic party.
C. We met some interesting Romanian people on the train.
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