Future Perfect

Soal Latihan Future Perfect

The manager _______ the meeting room by twelve.
You can’t meet Michael at my office at 07.00. He _______ to the bank at 10.
I _______ my home work by the time I go out on the date tonight
I will Graduate in June. I will see you in july. By the time I see you, I _______ graduated.
At this time tomorrow, I _______ to pay off my debts.
Your best friend _______ help by the time you _______ her to take part in your wedding.
Raisa is creating a new song. CHANGE INTO FUTURE PERFECT!
Michael is playing guitar. CHANGE INTO FUTURE PERFECT (-)
I was speaking English. CHANGE INTO FUTURE PERFECT (?)
I didn't ask you to come. CHANGE INTO FUTURE PERFECT (-?)

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