Past Perfect Continuous

Soal Latihan Past Perfect Continuous

1. His skin became darker because he _______ something under the scorching sun without sunscreen.
Translate This sentence into English, "Saya telah membaca buku sebelum saya pergi ke taman"
Translate this sentence, "Saya telah menonton video sebelum saya pergi ke kantor".
Translate this sentence, "Apakah James belum tinggal di Jakarta selama dua tahun sebelum dia pindah ke Garut?"
When you _______ the room, we _______ the matter of our wages for 10 minutes.
By the time I asked, my home assistant _______
The senior engineer ______ the project for a year before he resigned.
Caroline _______ the diet plan for more than two weeks when finally recognizing it didn’t work.
_______ learning english for several hours?
We _______ spending our holiday in Bali for several days
Caroline was sad since you _______ her for a long time.
_______ his mobile phone conversations for a few minutes when he suddenly opened the door?

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