Soal Latihan Pronoun

Jenny really love watching old shows. _______ are some of the best cinemas on TV.
Please, give me _______!
_______ is some of the nicest movie I've wacthed lately
After the ceremony, _______ went to park.
Would they like _______ to eat
I searched all over the house, but couldn’t find my bags _______
_______ flavor does she prefer?
I knew someone at the front door but wasn’t sure _______ it was
_______ does she want for dinner?
I slipped on the stair and hurt _______
The teenagers rode the roller coaster by _______
Jenny bought _______ a brand new bike
_______ am learning to write better Spanish
Thanks for giving me this food! Please put _______ on the table
John was surprised and shocked when _______ knew that his friends were hiding themselves in the yard
I lost _______ phone yesterday
Jenny bought new bed for _______ room
All students are going to get _______ test results today
Jenny and John waved hello to _______
The teachers talked to _______
Jenny and John threw the ball back and forth to _______
Jenny is always talking to _______
Jenny likes to go shopping by _______
Jenny can do it _______
The smallest student, _______ was also youngest, was also most outgoing
Jenny doesn’t recognize the song _______ is playing
She rode her bike, _______ has a headlight, home in the dark

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