Soal Tentang Work (pekerjaan)

Soal Tentang Work (pekerjaan)
Soal Tentang Work (pekerjaan)

Soal Latihan Work

Jenny's task is so _______ that she can almost do her task in her sleep!
Rebecca's company has cut all its ______ last year so I no longer have a  stock in company car.
John is so ______ leave because his mum has just got well.
It takes me 5 days a week to do business from home so I’m looking for a ______ job for the rest of the week.
She was off for work for 3 weeks sequentially so she was ______
Since graduating from university in September, my cousin, Fabian, has been job- _______
Do you think that your job is _______ , I think mine is boring and high-pressure?
I see lots of women in the ______ but seldom see female directors.
Jenny and I ______ Rebecca because she had a good qualificatioon and made such a good impression at her interview.
both father and son are currently _______ of work.

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