Simple Future

Soal Latihan Simple Future

Where _______ your students go for the next weekend?
My brother _______ smoking, because it’s bad for his health.
Mia will take a trip and go to the beach _______
She will be in there tomorrow, but she _______ in there the day after tomorrow.
Everybody is busy, it _______ a big party in my house tonight.
I am speaking English. CHANGE INTO SIMPLE FUTURE!
Max solved the problem. CHANGE INTO SIMPLE FUTURE!
I can't see you next month, I am _______ go to england
I will _______ to you parent about those agreement
Apakah kamu tidak makan?. TRANSLATE INTO ENGLISH!
_______ you go to Jakarta tomorrow?
Saya tidak akan datang tepat waktu besok. TRANSLATE INTO ENGLISH!

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